Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

G'day!!! Its winter! It snowed a whole bunch today and the days of winter are closing their cold fingers around us. What better to do then have a great start to winter. Also I have a great free (or at least Cheap) craft to try,a new iWitch review. Also a view of what i am going to try to accomplish with my free time. So get comfy, sip a coffee and have a read. This is The Boondock Witch.

So! I have had a fantastic day today. We here in southern Ontario got 2 feet of snow overnight, expecting more. I slept until 8:00. went into my kitchen, The sun shone into the bay window we have and out on my front yard i saw a black and red thing poke up over a snow bank! In my little village in the boonies,it was a snow day and a bunch of kids had made themselves sledding(toboggan) trails. So cute. My father and I went for breakfast at our local diner, worked off our 3 dollar specials with some shovelling and chatter, then i set to my craft of the day. Which i will get to Fairly Soon. We have two dogs, an elderly Labrador mix and a large Pharaoh Hound. Both played vigorously in the yard and in the snow. Covering their snouts with fresh powder and loving it. After the craft was made i phoned my best friend of 14 years and we chatted for about an hour and then i went to making lunch and cleaning. The perfect morning!
Positive thinking really can give you positive results!! I was explaining to a friend of mine who claims winter is horrible for him that he just needs a good multivitamin,some vitamin D and a good dose of positive thinking. If you keep saying “i hate winter”,”i do not like the cold”, or “Blah blah Winter Sucks”, it is no wonder you hate your days in winter and feel so bad everyday. Instead focus of Winter being beautiful and all those good things. Remember to focus on roads, live life by taking your time to get somewhere,meaning if you have to start out an hour early to get to work, do so. And while your indoors why not clean and smudge negativity as well as hanging out with friends and families.

So before winter We tend to prune the vines off the siding of our home(ivy) and there is a large grapevine like creeper on our one fence. Its typical for us to prune this sucker back each year. This leaves tonnes and tonnes of left over bundles of vines. And what better to make with all those vines? Why wreaths of coarse!!

Making wreaths with left over vines from your yard
Via Google I forgot to cite website :s

You will need:
  • Vines from your yard
  • Decorations(optional) Pine trimmings,ceder,holly ect
  • Twine/ribbon (optional)

Start by taking long section of vines and putting them together. They don’t even have to be perfectly end to end or the same length.

Then Carefully make a loop the size that you want for your wreath, Med,large and extra large is best small wreaths are sometimes tricky and you should try making bigger so you have the hang of it and all.

Continue making a circle with the ends of the vines and tightly compact loose ends in the coils of your wreath. you will see that it will all stay together and get tangled itself.

After fiddling with the wreath you will have your standard circle!

You can finish it there or you can continue by decorating it with harvested pine, ceder, holly , ribbons,twine or herbs! If you have twigs of holly and ceder or pine just weave it in and it will stay there.

A great Idea to incorporate a wreath into your religious beliefs is make a small-large wreath and using twigs found on the ground or even vines that you did not use and create a pentacle! Hang it proud on your door or use it on your alter space!

If you don’t use ribbons and use all natural things this project is free! Twine and ribbon,bells and decor cost about a dollar each at a dollar store,or are fairly cheap at a craft store!

Tip: if you have difficulty functioning your vine try soaking it in a laundry tub or your bathroom tub overnight.

Wreaths don’t have to be about JUST winter! Make 3 extra for the other seasons to!

Please remember to leave a thank you or offering to the plant you harvested for your wreaths!

Bonus: Putting plants into the symbolic circular shape symbolizes the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter. Wreaths and other decorations during long winters often consisted of whatever natural materials looked attractive at this bleak time of year. Charging your wreath for protection of the winter,health and even love can be applied. What better place for a protection charm then on the front door!

I have been traveling the audio waves to explore many kinds of podcast. This is of course my personal journey. I love that the pagan community is reaching out and expressing their views. It gives you a more round and diverse view point to chew on.

I have been playing catch up with many. The next i hit was talk of the podcast world. Fire Lyte from Inciting a riot!. I took liberty to give him a review on iTunes. That goes a little something like this: “ So, i am in love with tall,handsome,out-spoken,intelligent man. His name? Fire Lyte,it's too bad i am out of his league and seriously not his type! This man is a triple threat!he rocks out a pagan perspective,throws down topics of interest in politics and vocabulary and is a brilliant poet! It is like a bit of something for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E! If you haven't subscribed to this podcast yet! Get to it! He doesn’t disappoint....” I was reflecting how i would review this podcast and i got that,i think its perfect, check out this podcast its amazing. 

Also take a look at his Blog which i am fallowing: Inciting A Riot. Check out the podcast on iTunes or on his blog. Enjoy!

((Update On Me)) I am currently feeling as if i need to expand on my visual meditations. I have been a lazy lazy and am going to expand on the many perspectives and the many exercises that one can do. So stay tuned and i will share on this new journey and recite some exercise's i have tried that you can try if you want.

In the meantime i am going to pop some corn and look for a nice witchy flick to watch. Original Worst Witch?? I think so.

Stay Crafty, 

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