Monday, December 20, 2010

An Excellent Night/Lunar Eclipse INFO!

Just yesterday Myself and my its totally complicated partner,M(i will call him),went over to swap some books with my small pagan "family". Due to my horrible organization skills  and a horrible just horrible week i have been having i felt the need to go out for an evening walk. as we made our way through the villages snowy streets we came to the house which Kay(I will call her) lives. Luckily for us and I went for what was in the back yard but the traditional Fire! I Looked to M, who has no idea about the traditions and practices of us but is all around accepting and he said "looks like something told you to come." With open arms my little pagan "family" invited us to join and they made hot cocoa and gave us our paper snowflakes to make wishes upon.

Our tradition is to wish upon the paper snow flake and set it on the fire. they burn up and we focus on that wish. Small traditions like that are amazing. you think that they are just little things but they have such an impact. here i was feeling like a total mess,upset and stressed and all of it washed away in the blaze of the fire pit and small talk of people. Maybe M was right and maybe i was drawn there that night.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: this google article about the lunar eclipse happing on solstice!!!

A little late posting it i know but read it and hopefully you see it!

Stay Crafty,

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