Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fallowing the heart -Athena (The Cat) Update

Athena my beautiful cat gave me a scare. she had an operation (read a few blogs ago) and i just need to report that she is okay and she is healing up super super good! oh thank goodness. The vet told me that if i had waited she could have died because of her fever that went along with this infected tumor! this goes to show how you should always ALWAYS listen to your intuition! you gut knows, fallow your 1st instinct and your 1st reaction. i am so glad i did cal,l right away and i did book an appointment right away! I could not imagine loosing my buddy. My heart aches thinking of this! I know i know i come off as crazzzy cat lady at the moment but just take it from me. the stranger ont his side of the screen. fallow your heart its usually never wrong!
<3 Athena <3

Anther update is I got to experience a small online pagan community! Woot woot! It seems light and airy has a good size of members and i even got to speak to a few of them just minutes after joining. How awesome is that! So i am now a member of the Black Hat Society! I am so excited to meet new people and join in on some discussions and such. For more information about the society you should check out this blog i am fallowing: Confessions of a Kitchen Witch.
Stay Crafty,

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