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Merry Meet and Welcome,

I am Wynter, A young witch from southern Ontario Canada.

A Bit About This Boondock Witch: I live in a small community in Ontario,Canada. Here i am exposed to nature on a regular basis, i am a lazy pagan. i say this because i do not celebrate EVERY esbat or sabbat! I am fine with that, some pagans in the community did a group gasp at the fact that i don't circle under each full moon and some fainted at the thought of missing rituals, thats okay by me. why? well i never a one who judges someone of how they practice, they believe or they practice. In turn i expect and hope to see the same returned to me. Besides This i am crafty. I enjoy me some art and creative musings!I have since a child enjoyed creating something out of twigs and twine. Its my nature to create things. It is also my belief that the most valuable, useful and dare i say magical things are made from the things one finds around them. Things nature has provided to them. So if this means you just made a besom out of Golden rod and not broom corn then *GASP* go ahead and make it! its on hand,it does the same task and nature dropped a bunch of it around you! Why the heck not!!
              Whhhewww...that was a little blammery...anyways. I grew up in a small town filled with You guessed it Christians. But this never bothered me. At age 7 I told my family i did not like to attend church. That i questioned God. In y family it was not too much of a big deal. I knew at this age that Christianity is not for me. Now to clear the waters here...that DOES NOT MEAN i hate the Christians and they are horrible people and they forced me as a child to go to church each!! No they are allowed to believe anything they want to,worship what ever they want to and do what ever they feel. I do not,however, need to agree with this but its just not for me. I do have Catholic, Anglican and Baptist Friends who too agree with me that in the end its good people you surround your life with...not religious backgrounds. If i judged my family and friends by their religions and bitched about not being accepted as a Pagan then i would be a Hippocratic Witch would I?
             But my parents needed to responsible little parents and make sure that while they attended church i needed to be watched, so enter in my godmother. She was a great woman, wise and beautiful. She was my mothers old old friend and she was (surprise,surprise) a Pagan. I believe this was my inspiration to being a witch. Now the expected story is that she took me under her fairy godmother wing and taught me all i needed to be taught concerning Paganism and Witchcraft. But no.Not this Life anyways. She watched me on Sundays,yes, She left it to me to learn all i needed to learn about everything all on my own. Only when i was older did i tell her i was pagan and she replied with a smile"ohhh...i know.i know." I was a jaded when i was young and i cast spells without actually knowing magics true power and i lit candles and visualized things with out real direction. Yes confession-i was a kid, i was faced with this fascinating idea of magic,power,witchcraft and moonlight. This did not make me a does not make me one today. I had a love with the wind, I Swam in waters,Loved the sun on my skin, had a hatred for electric light, a love of candle light, gazed at the moon at night, fascinated by the stars and dipped my feet in the creeks. Danced around trees and believed in fairies. All this makes me who i am now, did i know they were related to this path of life? No. Defiantly not.
            In High school i abandoned practicing and just stuck to reading about paganism,folklore,myths and other such stuff while even falling in a bad crowd of people. i confess that even today i am working for a diploma. Life served me horrible horrible things. It is however my mantra to find the lessons in the bad and i have conquered each task in front of me. I am proud.very very proud in myself and my life. I do not care and never cared what others thought of me,my lifestyle and my beliefs. I was blessed with that strong personality.
             Little things of note, i am a horrible speller, i thank the Internet for auto spell checker, it does not always catch everything. sorry readers. I fly solo and have never been in a coven (YET),so most of my practices are catered to the Independent witch. I write my own spells, i expect the same from others. i believe that the strongest of magic is the kind you put forth effort me writing you up a spell is out of the question. say or call me what you wish, your the lazy witch who wont write your own stuff!! Small charms and such however i will share. So we aren't totally fruitless! I have not read any other Blogs of Pagans so i do not really know what i am doing and i don't know if mine will be like every other Witches Blog.

Why Boondock? Well, i really don't know it stuck to me one day. Originally, i called the blog the Hedge witch tales, but i realized so many have acclaimed themselves as hedge witch.I am a mix of the kitcheny boondock ground and sky worshiping ,crafty kind of woman. how ever if that were the title then it wouldn't all fit would it?

So please stay tuned for articles and stories,perspectives and recommendations in my Blog: The Boondock Witch Adventures.

Keep Creating,