Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eat everything off your plate and Meditation

G'day! And hello! I have had myself a doozy of a week. I find that in the slower days of winter one reflects a lot on her life and whats going on. i often think this is why we have resolutions during the calender new years.Just a theory i actually have no real idea if thats actually true or not. So i have a quick "Me" Blog, Some iWitch Recommending and A small Practical WitchCrafty.So get comfy, sip a coffee and have a read. This is The Boondock Witch.

So!It all started with when cleaning my room. strange as it may. i quietly cleaned it in silence. Making my bed ,putting things where they belong all the stuff one does when she cleans a room. I sat on my bed and i thought. "Boondock Witch, you need change. you need some self improvement to be done!" I went through everything i was supposed to be doing but not, my procrastinations and my unfinished projects. My goals i am supposed to be working towards and what i should be focusing on. Thats when i realized the heaping plate i had in front of me. That all this was just piling up. I made the decision right then and there that i needed to focus on me. Get my Stuff done! In doing so i needed to sacrifice things that were hogging my time. Yes blogging was one, studying in pagan studies was another (Hey i have school too! Right now school trumps) and the other was my romantic life. I reread some of my journal entry and even though the guy was amazing,attentive,sweet,honest,funny and a nerd, it couldn’t have worked out if i was so down on myself,not loving to myself and i was not focusing on all the things i needed to do. I would elaborate but that’s a Soap Opera/Paperback Novella of its own. I loved him. Yes. I do now. Yes. But its what i feel i must do. So i will. If love is true and it was meant to be then later down the line it will be there. I was foolish to look for love when i wasnt ready....but sometimes it finds you. I believe that every time a relationship or event in your life sours or expires or just drifts. We grasp a lesson from that. My lesson was me first! Then have a companion. Thats where i am now. Thats why love found me i believe. Was to open my eyes to this. So being mature adults we agreed it was for the best and we are still great friends and yea still talk and hang out. The way i wish every single relationship would work out. I am blessed to have all but one work out this way! I am to busy,better and important for mala-drama! Vive la drama free existence! I should start a movement.

((A.D.D Moment))SPEAKING of which. I was reading on “Inciting a Riots” Blog about his movement Project Pagan enough and I am all in on that one baby! I will be seeing about posting some information, my take on that and of course wearing that button proudly on this blog. Brilliant and happy many others think along the same lines as Fire Lyte. Excellent stuff!

So on lines of self improvement My self project i have been speaking of was meditation. I have meditated, do not get me wrong ! The ideas of meditation truly speak to me, it all makes sense to me. Many religions use meditations, however you do not have to have religious beliefs to meditate! No! Anyone can do it. Even You! The big problem with meditation for a lot of people is quieting the mind. Think of it this way,I usually say,if you have not done any physical activity in a long time and you take up running. You will not be able to run a 5k flawlessly and fluently. No you have to work your way up to that slowly and dedicate yourself to doing so. Mediation is the same deal. You have never/or in a long time have not mediated. You too have to dedicate,exercise that muscle and it will come flawlessly and fluently.
So From My experience here is a few steps i personally use for my mediation. If it doesn’t sit right with you...YOUR WRONG! No i am just kidding...,Then do something that suits you and feels good to you.

Step one. Take a warm shower and wash your face. But if you already showered that day or you just dont shower everyday wash your face and hands. This gives you the refreshed and clean feeling.
Step two. Sit in a cleaned room. This doesnt have to be a special room, although people often have them. You do not need some special alter for your meditations although some people have them, or some special pillow to sit on although...some people have them. What ever suits you! I find sitting on my made bed works fine for me. However I would love a bean bag chair to sit in to mediate. That would be excellent! Some people focus more with props (sound familiar?) So they use alters and inscents. If you are sensitive to smells or find it distracting then i dont recommend that.

Step three. Breathe slowly and rhythmically, consciously relaxing your feet, legs, torso, on up your body until all your muscles are loose. If a thought passes in your brain do not hold on to it just let it pass.

Step Four. Close your eyes; take 5 to 10 very slow and deep breaths

Step five. Mentally chant "Raa" as you breathe in and "Maa" as you breathe out. Think, as if breath itself is making these sounds "Raa" and "Maa". (not raa-maa—rah-mah-mah-ga-ga-ohh-la-la...Just joking.)Feel free to subsitute any other works with your breath words. “om” “in” “out” whatever!
Step six. Mentally visualize and follow the route of breath going in through the nostrils, up towards the mid-brows, and down to the chest centre, or the lungs. Feel the breath and sensation in the body, and be alert. Do not try to control or lead your breathing just follow the natural breathing.

Note: some people ask a god they believe in for a blessing to do so believing that travelling into the self is close to another plane. Try and dedicate 10-20 mins a day to mediation. Some people mediate 2-3 times daily. Me personally thats a lot. But i can see if you really needed it. ALSO start a journal for this, a hand written one. Dosn't have to be anything fancy it can be a spiral notebook of sorts. Just write your exercises and what you liked about it.

A really Great way to work on meditation focus is through guided mediation.

Not totally pagan but definitely spirituality based.. I am reviewing. The Australian Mediation Society's Podcast “learn to mediate.” Where it really isnt a whole how to of meditation (only the introductory is) its guided meditations, positive perspectives, wonderful spiritual experiences, mediation to music,guided meditation. Fantastic! This organization was made simply because they believe that one should not have to pay for meditation and it should be free for everyone. Couldn’t agree more and good on you. Seriously check this out on iTunes or if you dont have iTunes then check out the website where you can download the audio clips. Don’t be fooled by the cheap looking website this stuff is steller!



My Face Scrub!

Now i use this sucker everyday for my skin, if you have highly sensitive skin then i wouldn't suggest it. This is a lemon scrub that is quick easy, inexpensive and highly effective. This secret beauty tip is used for EVERYTHING! in fact this works to get rid of acne,blemishes,battles rosacea ,skins texture,Reduce black heads,have alpha hydroxy acids and Beta hydroxy acids which Shrinks pores,help fight wrinkles and ages spots, this can even get rid of freckles!!!! Its designed to clear away all the dead skin cells, oils and grime of everyday. And because its Au natural you can use it everyday. NEVER buy expensive facial cleaners again! 

Come words of caution, Lemons in the eye hurts so lets keep it away from the eyes okay. I wouldn't recommend eating this but hey 1 cup juice to 1/2 cup sugar + a pitcher of water = lemonade!!  ANYWAYS back to where i was..... some allergies to citus oviously means you shouldnt use this! Because it is a scrub if your skin is sensitive just means you need to do this every other day!

YOU need
-Lemon Juice
-Cotton pad(the cosmetic ones)

Soak pad in lemon juice add tsp of sugar on top, steam face with warm water, scrub into skin in circular motions avoiding eye contact. Even rubbing on lips to prevent chapping. Wash off Patt face dry Voila!

Easy Peasy--- Good Clean Fun!
In the meantime, I am going to play a game of fetch with my kitten and check out what my ladies in the Black Hat Society are Posting. Have a Great week and if i do not post a new entry next week. Yule Time Blessings to you and yours.

Stay Crafty,

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