Thursday, January 27, 2011

When You Wish Upon A Star

G'day Boondockers! I have a small iWitch segment, some long awaited witchcrafty and a bit of stuff to chew on this weekend. so lets get started, Grab a cuppa, and a warm blanket and settle in. This is the Boondock Witch.

I will start you off with some pod-casters two in fact!

1st ly Pagan Parents On the Edge. Okay at 1st you read this and say hmmmm welll that dosnt sound like my kind of show and/or I dont have kids. Oh its not its great! It sounds like pagan child bearing/raising tips your thinking wrong actually its two lovely hosts bringing you a perspective from a parents point of veiw or a family point i should say. always worth a listen i am into them right now. 

 2nd  Lady Bexes Hexes! If you havnt checked out her blog or should i say BLOGS I suggest you do i love this girls incite on thingsI only got to Episode 5 and then it is all podfade but that dosnt mean you cant check her out.

BloggerLuv: Bexes Hexes
SO! if you havnt guessed i am going to talk about wishes. Wishing is serious business, but we in our world do it so much. we wish on shooting stars or blowing out our candles or on the blue moon or when we do a spell. or when looking out the window and sighing to ourselves thinking "if only...." 

We often do it so much we forget that our words have power and some times,as the old proverb goes,"we get what we wish for". well here is what i think about wishes. If i were the cosmos and i asked someone over and over again for something I would get so  annoyed I would eventually ignore them. Thats why i dont wish. i do not wish untill i realllly need a wish. i mean REALLY need to ask. We all had that time of anger when we say i wish ---insert something bad to happen--- and IT does happen and we shrug it off and say it wasnt me.. well what if. im not saying it wasnt fate or it wasnt some sort of cosmic karma. or you just happen to say it out loud in your angered state but in the back of your mind forever you will ask. "what if..." Maybe thats why i fear wishing. or why i believe that you must reflect on wishing.

Origami. It is said that in Origami if you make 1000 Cranes you are granted a wish. A magic lamp is fabled to carry a Genie who grants you three wishes, Wishing on shooting stars grants you a wish. As a right of passage you blow out the candles marking how many years you wish thus suggesting every year you are entitled to one wish, At yule you can write a wish on paper and throw it in the fire with your yule log, AND everyone knows about pixies and the fairy folk and their history with wishes. 

What ever your past and/or current beliefs wishing can be both a joyous rite or a bad one. Always be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. 

Literature and the wish. Witchy ideals have been shadowing the wish for centuries. usually a spiritual being such as the genie in Aladdin lamp. the version i had in a old book was that of a broken Solomon seal on the lamp of the genie. Snow whites mother wished her daughter to be fair and beautiful. nothing says hpow or why Snow white is the fairest,,,,ok bad example.

In practice i like to do something to hold my wish. in some practices people write it down and burn it. I however like to do something a bit different. I like to wish. On a star.


Origami Stars


1.You need to get some star paper, or make your own. If you are using printer paper, cut it into half inch strips.

2. Wrap 1/4 of the paper around your finger to start making the "perfect knot."

3.Bring the end in front of the long tail like piece. 

4.Tuck the short end into the hole to make a clean knot.

5.Tighten the Knot so you have a good length. its the part that takes practice to get used to. and the knot needs to be nice and flat.

6.Bend the small flap over so not white is showing and you create a pentagon shape.crease it with the pentagon

7.Turn the star over.

8.Fold the long Tail end up, make sure you are going "with" the star. In this case, it’s up and to the left. If you look at the bottom of the pentagon, you see that the angle is "right"

9.Fold some more,You’re going to keep folding around the star, making sure each time you are going in the right direction

10.Tucking In the flap. So you wrapped the paper round the body of the star and have yourself a nice little pentagon...

11. Puffed up, This is one of the hardest steps. Using your nail or a sharp edge, press in, half-way between two points. Make sure you are totally perpendicular to the paper.

12. All Done!

The 'Lucky'Star is fabled to grant you luck if you fold 100 of these bad boys but for me i use a pencil and i write on the inside a wish. fold up the star and i wish upon it. Wish upon a star. Whatever you do with the super cute stars dont forget to be wise and.....

Stay Crafty,


  1. wow... your blog is very interesting!! I usually read blog updates while I have nothing to do at my internship, but I am going to save this one for home. I think this is going to need some me time to read and take in. I found your blog through another blog about the bucket list and I came to check out that post, but I think I'm here for the long haul now!! Thank you for sharing all of this information... :)

    Take care and Brightest Blessings,


  2. Well I got to step 10! LOL I will try again.