Thursday, January 6, 2011

iWitch Mega-Sode And I Love Your Fairy Wings

So i have been skimping on some iWitch so im gonna review not One podcast,not Two podcasts nooo but Three. Yes Three. Have some blogger love to share and A rant about BUNNIES! The Fluffy Ones! So grab a Hot Cuppa, get comfy and read a bit. This is the Boondock Witch.

((iWitch))Well for all those who haven't read any of my past blogs i have a small written section called iWitch. my opinions  on various iPods that are metaphysical and Pagan. Alternative and all that jazz. these are my OPINION on various podcasts. if i dont like it that dosnt mean you shouldn't check these out or they are unworthy. I dont have a podcast so how could i actually rip one apart when i dont even have one. Just dosnt make any sense. So I still going to review things and thats not going to change.

No.1    Witches'Brewhaha! 1st and foremost. i have been meaning to do a little thing about Ms.Nightshade and her podcast. Shes got this awesome stone segment and herb segment by fellow hostesses who specialize in the "fields". I like that. The practical magic segment is amazing! just excellent. Velma is not for the faint of heart however shes got opinion so if your touchy then shes gonna offend. Not intentionally of course. If you havn't listened to it yet then i suggest you do. Check out her website on the link or at the link page.

No.2    IncitingABrewhaha! Wow that sounds alot like the 1st one there...Well thats because its supposed to jaded reader. IncitingaBrewhaha is Velma Nightshade and Fire Lyte of Inciting a Riot (i have mentioned his blog/podcast Before Check out the sidebar!) I must admit I dont really like this one. Its a clear debate about pagan issues and yes it is refreshing to hear two peoples opinions but maybe its because i listened to Inciting a riot or Witchesbrewhaha before hand and its just me. But i subscribed and i will re-listen to a few episodes some time (i listened to them all actually) *shrugs* Still could just be me and i think everyone should take listen and you know maybe you will disagree with me. Im sure you will. Check that out anyways. 

No.3   BTR-Pagan Musings Blog.Talk.Radio. Oh my Goodness. I don't know if i was just annoyed that it sounded like i was listening into a phone (?) conversation or something... It just Bugged me. Its two people talking back and forth, its mostly like listening to a radio station thats all talk and its just....mellow. But information is there the sources are good. I tried, oh i tried. so far they have a good size amount of episodes so its stuck through it. But Either way Again check it out, see for your self. 

Okay Bonus one....

No.4  Eat My Pagan @$$ Enlightenment with humor. This show has had me laugh out loud. I lol'd. Theres nothing but charisma and flow with this show. its just two New Yorkers Chatting it up, brining up pagan topics and a new view of the various type of pagans out there. Its a good show. Check it Out. It'll do you some Good.

Whew! Some blog love....

((Blogger Love)) WitchyGodmother! A fellow Black Hatter of mine. A total doll. Wonderful Blog i enjoy reading her posts and her weekly tarot education. Excellent stuff, gifted writer and positive energies. you want to fallow this blog. 

I Love Your Fairy Wings-Fluffy Bunnies

A Rant for the New Seeker who feels a little bruised  after a bashing. 
I love Fluffy Bunnies. I love the energies of Bunnies. I think i have wrote this before. Bunnies are great! Long term bunnies are those that always have that glow of good. its great! they are refreshing and i cant help but smile at them. They wear their fairy wings and they just make me think of what i was like. I cant stand that people in our community are so judgmental. that they believe they are experts. Like people are below them for not knowing what a stone means or what the incense means. Living from books or teaching and clinging on to that knowledge as if it is truth. wanna know something? its not Truth. You can never prove me you are right. i can never prove you are wrong. Until were gone...we will never know. Unless you have a red phone that has a red light that beeps and the goddesses and gods will answer everything and you guys chat over a coffee will never know. the high horse your at that you look down your nose at other peoples for their beliefs, gotta stop. Look at yourselves, See that there a tonnes of ways to worship. if in your head, on paper, doing a ritual, having sex, lighting a candle. the gods/goddesses commune through all of us differently. So is my belief. but then again. I could be wrong. For now i say, I love your Fairy Wings. Be who you are. Your doing what you feel is right then guess what little seeker. IT is right. If you ever bunny bashed and you read this and i spark a little rage. think a bit and see. that your unkindness and sneering only makes you an uglier person. to accept and to educate and to welcome makes you shine.

But then again i could be wrong.

Stay Crafty,

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  1. Awwww thank you so much for your sweet words. I have added your lovely blog to my list too. Hugs and sparkles - WG