Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whats Up Doc i registered for FREE SARKS Intuitive Flash

Just a little update on me. i am in an unsightly state. i am depressed and sad and angry and all things i wish i were not but am. i need change i need positive things and i need new goals and new experiences. i refuse to sit  on my behind and do nothing but fester in this state of being. So i need a few new projects ones a bucket list. the other is this FREE SARKS Intuitive Flash thinger. its a telecast. and i did it because hey why not its free. so hopefully i remember it and I can watch it :D I read about this on CONFESSIONS OF A KITCHEN WITCH. so check out the lovely kitchen witches blog. SPEAKING of blogs did i ever get a good read on at Cordys Blog! wow she had this write up on One of my fave subjects, thats right Literature. FASCINATING stuff. SO Blogger Love her way at Cordelia's Calderon    just an excellent writer. entertaining reads. If you havnt heard about her blog i suggest you go and look.

Anyways. I hope i can have a good update on my bucket listing project and have some step by steps on what I did for my bucket lists. Maybe we can all try doing one. Live Life NOW. No one gets out alive.

I am also reading my fave NORA ROBERTS witchy series. The three sisters trilogy. Fantastic stuff.  So if your in the mood for some Witch Lit or have a witchy book-club or something check out these books. i got mine at a used book store they have been around for a few years so you can get them relatively cheap. if you read it give a shot on what you think.

Titles all Nora Roberts Three sister Trilogy: 1 dance upon the Air, 2 Heaven and Earth and 3 Face the Fire

LOVE love love these books read 'em once a year since i got 'em.
Stay Crafty,

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  1. Well first, thanks so much for the kind words on my blog. I love yours as well.Good for you, recognizing that mood is the first step and doing something about it the second. Cheering you on! Hey, I just recently started Dance Upon on the Air again for about the 4th time. These 3 books had been among the missing since we moved, found them in the bottom of the blanket basket next to my chair, hiding under old magazines. The treasures you find when you clean! Blessings my friend!