Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time for spring i say!!

today was cold. as i walked down the street of my small town i felt the air cutting like a knife. but today also held something that usually goes unnoticed. sure it was freezing but when the wind stopped,well the sun shone and i felt it. warmth. faint in the cold bitterness. Ol' man winters breath caught under my coat and i was chilled to bone. dreaming of soup and a hot shower. I also dreamed of gardening and the smell of moist earth under my feet. birds chirping and of Spring is the season of love. we all know this maybe thats why valentines is in February. actually i never really read much on Valentines so maybe i should. I will get back to you on that statement i just made. But every time i grow sick of my fluffy white world. i think of spring. i turn to a season of fertility and beauty. Rain streaking windows and bubbling puddles. Rainbows and green! Green. the colour of life and love! Fantastic green. Yes i yearn for spring. i think about what the sun soaking in my veins will feel like as if i forgot it. I need me some vitamin D.

 so to get everyone on the same hopes as me i give you this lovely video for all to watch and enjoy! Its one of my favorites. from 1936 Happy Harmonies: To Spring!


Stay Crafty,


  1. Love the video! And I am in total agreement with ya. I am ready for Spring. Last year I thought my hot flashes sped me through winter quite nicely, but this year, not so much. I'm cold! Spring was, is and always will be my Favorite time of the Year. New Birth, everything Fresh and Lovely. And my beloved Buttercups, medicine to the soul.
    I do have a question though, do you know anything about growing lavender. I have some seeds and I am clueless. I so want to give it a try and see what I can do. I love the stuff

  2. freeze for 2-7 days, using just the few seeds you wish to plant at this time. Start the process in the Fall. The starting mix must include sharp drainage. Avoid peat in the starting mix and add sand and/or vermiculite. Barely cover the seed, as they germinates in 14-21 days in warm soil. Do not use a plastic lid or covering because this will make the surface of the soil too moist. If watering is necessary, water from below. If germination is low after 3-4 weeks, lower the temperature to 5-10°C (40-50°F) for 2 weeks, then raise it again.

    Pot up the tiny seedlings and grow them on in a protected greenhouse or windowsill to set into the garden in the Spring.Lavender requires full-sun and a well-drained, fertile soil, although they will survive in part-shade as long as the soil drains well.

    potting- find a bright and breezy place in your home for it to live, make sure your pot had pebbles then soil, water it so it drinks a lot then leave it until the soil is dry to touch and then water it again. and so on.

    read my article called EVERYDAY MAGIC.

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  4. Thank You very much, I just wished I had tried this in the fall then. But now I know better for later. I will read your article ...thank you so much