Monday, February 14, 2011

A story of a girl

Heres a story about a girl,
a girl who was in love and who had lost

and how 6 months later she sat for a coffee with the man. and realized she still loved him. how she foolishly wrote a letter the eve of valentines professing her love. and folded the letter in an origami envelope. she put the note in his mail box. and now she waits for the day his mail will come. she dosnt know what he will think, or say. she dosnt know if he will think she was to rash or foolish. she only knows that she would have regret it if she didnt tell him "i still do and i never stopped"

Its only a story. i dont know the ending to it and maybe if shes lucky there wont be an ending. i guess thats my valentine.

stay crafty,


  1. I always tell my girls that it is much better to try and know where you stand than wonder what would have happened if you just said something. Even if it is only a story.
    Hugs and sparkles

  2. well i think i would have regretted if i didnt tell him how i felt even if it turns out one sided.

  3. If the letter hadn't been written, there would have always been a nagging question in the girl's mind. Better to know where one stands....