Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lifestyle Change

Part 1. Titled: Boondock Witch, Your Fat.

My name is "boondock witch". I am fat. Now,now i dont mean i am dangerously obese or anything but i am the product of letting myself go.I dont own a scale,i dont eat like i should and frankly i believe i am not the healthiest i can be. It saddens me as i think to myself"gee, i wonder if i am fulfilled"  i have given every excuse to myself and others about my tummy, my excess weight. My fluff. What ever it is i can call it.Excuses like: "oh,it runs in my family" or "my family is just chubby" or"thyroid problems" or "my gimp leg slows me down from proceeding into exercise",or "i am just to busy" or "there is just something more important to do" EVEN "it cost to much to eat really healthy"

i just thought i should fix this. start being fair and stop making excuses. im not a house....but im not healthy either. if the body is a temple i haver alot of spring cleaning to do

Stay Crafty,


  1. Nah, I say I am not fat, I'm fluffy! I always feel that I want to get to a point that I eat well, enjoy walking and stretching as easy as brushing my teeth. Not there yet but I have hope :D
    Hugs and sparkles

  2. Spending this morning catching up and visiting my favorite blogs. Your words ring true in my ears and I wish you well as you work on changes you hope to make! I know my "temple" needs a complete overhaul! Taking baby steps, trying to exercise and at least start to be more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. Daily challenge for sure!