Thursday, February 10, 2011

Make your own cookbook

I was thinking about this after i reread my post on my two comfort foods. NOW. i have a book. its simple and random and all mine. My own cookbook where i store my collection of recipes i enjoy and have tweaked to my liking and i have used and enjoyed. Family recipes.  I think we all need to think about this. have our own little cookbooks especially if you love to cook! So i want to share my cook book with y'all and how to start one.

First thing i did was find a cute little note book like this one:

Then i gathered all my fave recipes by looking in my cookbooks and bookmarking them and taking the clippings from magazines (oh you know you have them!!) ,Friend recipes (like Cordelia's Bread from Cordelia's Cauldron.)and the family recipe stuff. I grabbed my fave ink pens and set to organizing.

Try to keep things simple. Ingredients, Preheat temp,Method, the end. K.I.S.S Keep it simple sweetie!

Now if you are an organization junkie then i suggest you get a binder or something you can rearrange the sheets of paper into categories. Mine? well i just threw them in there and used pictures to signify what type of recipe it is. Example: Pies= a picture of a pie, Casserole A Picture of a casserole  and cookies a picture of a bitten cookie.

In the back of my cookbook i have a small 101 section with equivalents, measures and substitutions. I have the lovely Confessions of a Kitchen Witch 101 section I paraphrase a few things in there that have helped me.

i still am looking for a perfect blessing for my cookbook and haven't found one! i personally don't like anyone i have seen internet wise.

Stay Crafty


  1. Love you choice for your cookbook! I have been organizing my recipes as times allows. While I have a file on pc, I love my handmade cookbooks that I can prop up on my cookbook holder. Before we moved I had around 50 hardback cookbooks and countless little paper ones and pamphlets. Copied the recipes I actually used from them and gave a lot away. I still have around 25, just love cookbooks. I have enough recipes to cook for 10 lifetimes! Have fun organizing!

  2. I created a cookbook when I was in my teens but you have given me a couple of great ideas to update it. Hope you liked the spotlight last Friday at the Cottage :D
    Hugs and sparkles

  3. Powers of earth and wind and rain
    Guard this book from freaky stains

    I have that problem all the time when I cook. At least you know that the pages with the most food stains are the best recipes. :)

    And cute notebook!