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Broom Closets and Updates

Merry Meet!
Today i will be reviewing over my 1st topic Tackling the broom closet issue,A segment on iWitch,something random and a review of segments i plan to start and plan to do. So get comfy, have sip a coffee and have a read. This is The Boondock witch.

((Main Topic))Today i will blog about a appropriate 1st Topic: Broom closets.

“Broom closets!? What about broom closets?!?!” you exclaim. Indeed. Coming out of the broom closet.

But what does this mean? Well if you have been living under a rock and are completely unaware of what this term is it will eventually find yourself facing the question of whether or not to “come out of the broom closet.” For those of you unfamiliar with the term, this essentially means “coming out” as a Pagan -- making it known to family, friends, neighbours, etc.

In my opinion i think that if you feel it is no ones real business knowing your religion then fine. Don’t say anything, but heed this, everything is much simpler when you live in the light and not the shadow. Controversy on the topics of leaving the broom closet arise from that of:”it is no ones business” to “Living Openly”. I say that it is a comfort level thing. If you feel you are in a community filled with judgemental peoples then it is your best interest to guard what is behind your closed door. If however you do not care what others believe or you feel comfortable in your community then by all means shout it out. I am a pagan (obviously) I am out of the broom closet so to speak. Do i rub the fact of my spiritual belief in peoples faces? No. I do not shake hands with people i meet “ I am Wynter,I am a pagan. Nice to meet you” if they figure it out i do not shy away, I shrug and go “so what, i am a witch”.

My Coming out.
I mentioned before of my background and how i was inspired by my mentor to my path in paganism. I had it rather easy as i think everyone knew what i was anyways. I know my parents weren’t tickled to find out i was going forth in this direction but never the less, here I came. I can recall missing typed pages of pagan history and ritual when i was 16 years old. But other then that my family is accepting. My background is that of aboriginal nationality. Our family there is accepting to the ways of our old traditions and a lot of what i believe is routed in that old belief system of shamans and traditions. My additive of acceptance of all religions is one i have felt strongly about for sometime. I still get a few people from local churches point and call me a Satan worshipper and in the past a lot of school mates used to mock me about the witch thing. Pictures of green skin, hooked noses and having powers float in the uneducated and hollywood-ized minds no doubt. This again in my opinion does not merit me to hate anyone. Ignorance leads to Anger and Indifference Leads to Fear. This Simple. If i were to return that hate i would be no better then them but worse. In our day and age-however we have a more accepting society. We recognize so many other religions and look to them with curious eyes as to fearful glances. This act alone warms my heart. It is much more then Aramaic religions on the field. Now if only we could get the masses to make a conscious effort to accept everyone as an equal and respect the fact that beliefs are as different as people. Nobody thinks the same,it is a simple notion so why do we over complicate this?
Anyways, My coming out actually set in when i was 18 and i cooked a meal for Mabon. My family eager to eat my cooking (yeah i totally fluffed my own feathers there) then came into discussion on my beliefs and were curious about it. At this point my mother was beginning to develop her own problems and the starting of turning to a sour,judgemental person riddled with hate. I know they are very colourful words but unfortunately they are truth. That's besides the point. It was never asked about since then. I assume my father thought that I would grow out of the witchcraft thing.
At age 22 (last year) My godmother passed away. That’s when it all was out on the table as myself and a few of her coven members hosted a fire in her memory and a ritual. My godmothers friend recognized me and asked me to go with her. This was my 1st encounter with other pagans and the 1st time i ever did something in a group.
Either way i did not do anything extravagant to come out of the broom closet and as i said. I was and am lucky that i live in my accepting communities and family. I also am blessed with the strong willed nature i am and i no longer care what anyone thinks. I am a born and bred black sheep.
Your Story: If You read this and wish to share about your coming out of the broom closet story feel free to comment below!

Articles of Note: On topic articles to read about coming out of the broom closet are:
Where The Author Explores the pros and cons of exposing your pagan self.

The Blog Spiral Natures Article Stepping out of the broom closet... was also well done.

And relating into my next segment Geek witches Take on broom-closets.

((iWitch)): ((iWitch is a review i take on podcast's that are for the pagan community. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every podcast is pagan related but is worth looking into.))

GeekWitch. A podcast by an Australian woman named Tahlea Moonwater -sharing her experiences and opinions about paganism. Mostly questions and answers tying into her experiences. An Intelligent woman none the less, and its light and airy quality makes it an easy witchy listen.

This podcast unfortunately has come to a close but don’t let that stop you from looking into it. I believe the author and podcaster is still answering e-mails and what not.

I recommend you check this podcast out on iTunes or her blog:

Check it out.

((Something Random)): Wynter is not my “magickal name”...i just pulled that fake name out of my ass. That is all.

Now a word from The Boondock Witch: Segments. Already you experienced 3 segments i will incorporate in my extensive blog. iWitch ;a review of podcasts of note,something random; Its something...Random,Witch Lit;A review of books to check out and/or websites to read. WitchCrafty;Crafts,Art,Inspiration or D.I.Y alter tools...

So Far thats all i got. But these are turning out to be bigger then i imagined anyways. So no problem.

That’s all i have for you This week, Join me again Soon, tell your pagan pals, e-mail me or comment for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Keep Creating,

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